Ocean Group

Welcome to Ocean Group, It is a Success full business opportunity conceptualized by the Guru of Real estate. It is a 100% debt free organization, Ocean Group act as a strong partner in your progress to achieve everything, you have been dreaming about a land, a Home, good education for your children and a substantial bank balance to live a life with pride in the society. The management is a well synergized team of expert with an existing base and versatile experience in field of Real estate industry and have a strong financial back ground, the organization has done massive research before making the unique business plan with 100% liability free product that have un matched price within the market.

Unlike global powerhouses venturing into the real estate sector as an extension of their core businesses, we were born and brought up in this field. Our journey which began at Kolkata( West Bengal), took us further to Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Pratapgarh and Gorakhpur – all places where construction as an organized industry was still a new concept.

Introducing engineering and architectural technologies decades ahead of their time, we infused the traditional real estate construction techniques with futuristic practices. The result – some of the most ambitious and iconic residential segments that even today after almost two decades are still hailed as major architectural achievements in that region.



At Ocean Group, our endless endeavors for unflinching commitment towards providing high quality living spaces has time and again set new benchmarks which has won us prestigious awards and helped us gain recognition over the years.



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